Respected Customers, happy Mothers Day! Our Cut off for Mothers Day delivery has now passed. Enjoy our 50% Sale and Free Keychain Promotion for the next few days. Spend $75 or more on photo crystals and receive the same image in an LED Keychain! x
Nice to see honest companies advertising on Facebok.  I really liked it.
Def. worth it..
Im Impressed.  I should have orderd the large one.  Discount if I order agian?
Here is my Video.  Thank you for staying true to your word and creating a great gift.
Incredible.  Will be back for more
thank you for enabling our son to live on
Brought Tears of Joy.  thanx
Didnt realize the Keychain lit up.  Nice touch.  Great way to promote my photo business :)
No Mercy!  Keep Sweeping the leg ;)  Martin Kove (Karate Kid & Cobra Kai)
It was the most amazing piece of artwork.
We were most impressed. This was our second purchase.
Just a shout out for posting on your site.  I think you do amazing work

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