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Watch 60 seconds about our lucrative 3D Crystal business opportunity. We've helped over 400 entrepreneurs start their 3D Crystal business globally.

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If you are looking for a business opportunity selling a fun and unique product with excellent profit margins, we’d like to talk to you!

We love selling 3D crystals so much, we are offering the right individuals the perfect business opportunity with unlimited market potential.

You will be supported by our knowledgeable and experienced team from the beginning, who will make sure that your new business is set up correctly and that you are able to deliver an extremely high quality 3D crystal product to all your customers.

Of course, you may already be in business and you may be looking to extend your offering to your existing customers - we are happy to work with you too.

Dave started his own mall cart with the help of 3D Crystal and our turn-key Wholesaler program

Terry & his wife Madi run multiple in-line shops and kiosks across the USA

At the age of 83 Bill has become our eldest reseller focusing on selling 3D Crystals as corporate awards and unique recognition pieces

Business Opportunities

We offer three main types of Plans, but we are also able to create a bespoke solution to suit your requirements:


This option is ideal for an existing shop owner or retailer that would like to display a few samples from our prduct range alongside their existing product lines.

As a reseller you would receive significantly discounted prices , giving you a very generous margin on all sales.

How it works

  • Take the order from your customer.
  • Submit the customer photo to us through the secure reseller order portal.
  • Your carefully created crystal is couriered to your store OR shipped directly to the customer.


This option is perfect for entrepreneurs that are looking to start a business in the very profitable industry of personalized 3D crystals for gifts and keepsakes.

Wholesaler is ideal for shop outlets, shopping mall concessions/ stands and for selling at live events, such as sporting events, corporate functions, even weddings and other social occasions.

You will receive significant wholesaler discounts across our catalog of 3D crystal products and accessories and we will help you to get your business established quickly and efficiently so that you can start earning from your creative business as soon as possible.

How it works

  • You will have a large number of sample crystal sizes for display, as well as LED illumination display stands to enhance your presentation and display to customers.
  • You submit the prepared customer image through the secure wholesaler order portal.
  • Customer orders can be shipped to you or directly to your customer, normally within 3-5 days in North America.

Promotional Products Distributor

This is ideal for distributors servicing the promotional products industry. 3DCrystal products can be a very prestigious and luxurious option for those clients looking for a unique and long-lasting memento. Your clients may be looking for multiple items or awards and trophies.

To get started, we would set up your bespoke catalog and discounted distributor pricing based on volume, making it easy for you to quote prices when you receive an inquiry and still giving you an excellent markup on small or large orders.

Once an order has been placed with you, we can take over the whole process from concept to completion.

How it works

  • You would submit your customer order/ specification to us.
  • We supply you with mockups, final artwork and a customized sample unit for the client to evaluate and approve before producing their volume run.
  • The customer order is shipped to you or directly to your customer if preferred.

Operator Training

With 20+ years of experience in the 3D crystal market, we are able to offer expert advice and training on any aspect of your 3D crystal business.

Laser Operator Training

If you want to run an efficient, hassle-free laser room, it’s vital that your operators have the best training to help them in their role, especially when it comes to 3D file preparation.

We can provide 180 and 360 degree file preparation training using our proprietary software, Cockpit3D. Training can be in the form of tutorials, problem solving and technical troubleshooting advice, regardless of the laser type being used.


Equipment Sales

If you are looking for new or used equipment to start or support your own 3D crystal business, we can help.

If you are purchasing your first laser, we can help you understand the differences between different laser types, the leading manufacturers in the industry and the most reliable machines.


Supplying Raw Materials To The Trade

At 3DCrystal we pride ourselves in supplying only the very best of products, services and technology, and this pride also extends to the supply of raw materials to the industry.

We supply raw materials to many awards companies globally already and are also able to supply glass and crystal raw material blanks for surface etching, sub-surface laser engraving and color-fill.

Our manufacturing facility in North America is conveniently situated to service all our North American trade customers.

Through our production facility in Asia, we are able to offer the facility to customize raw materials to any shape requirement along with custom packaging, including custom coloured boxes and foil stamping.

We do not have a minimum order quantity, which gives you the complete flexibility to order quantities to match your needs and not carry excess stock.


Understand our Values by Downloading our Purpose statement & Core Values document:

If you’d like to know more about the exciting business future you could have with 3D crystals, we’d love to talk to you!

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