3d Crystal Engraving How It Works


3d Crystal Engraving - How It Works? 


You have an upcoming event and you’re reading this because you’re probably still on the fence and haven’t made up your mind where to get the best 3d engraved crystals.                                        


Our company offers uniquely designed 3d glass engraving gifts for different types of events and occasions. But what makes our 3d laser engraved products different from the rest? 


We’re proud to say that we utilize our own software called “cockpit3d” during our laser engraved crystal creation. During this process, every laser creates a unique strikepoint. Some lasers would create large circles, while others will be a little small and a bit more elliptical in shape more than others.          

If you think back to the Dot Matrix Printer, many large dots means that it's low resolution. On the other hand, if we have something that creates numerous small points, it starts to look more like a line. The end result is that it looks more high resolution than the one with several big dots. 


Our 3d photo engraved crystals go through a different process because we use better crystal art and high-tech laser engraving technology. This allows our innovative laser machines to come up with a variety of unique-looking dot shapes. The magic touch happens once these different dots seamlessly get caught using our software’s crystal 3d technology. In addition to this, it is essential to bring those points together nice and tight no matter what the shape to create that HD appearance and HD output.           


Now that you know how it works, let’s compare our final product from one of our competitors.  We sent a photo to them and once we received it, we compared it with our finished product.  Here’s how it looks like:    




If you look at the crystal of our competitor at the lower part, you can see that it has that 3D effect. It looks nice and sharp when you first look at it. However, if you compare it to what we created in-house, you’ll see the difference.

It’s one thing to say you’re making a good 3d crystal, it’s another to understand the science and actually create the best 3d crystals. This is the reason why we’re confident about the 3d laser engraved services that we provide. 


We consider 3 important factors to come up with the best personalized crystal pictures. We make sure that we optimize our laser power, optimize the photo we’re using, as well as utilize “cockpit3d” to optimize the point assortment.                


So if you’re still on the lookout for exquisite and crystal-clear custom laser engraved 3d photo crystals then you’ve come to the right place! We can help memorialize and celebrate your life’s most important milestones by turning your favorite pictures to customized 3d crystal memorabilias. Check out this link to shop now.     


Don’t forget to email us at 3d@3dcrystal.com or call us at +1 800-990-4010 if you have questions. Our support team will assist any concerns that you have regarding our laser engraved photo crystals.               

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