3D Crystal Rectangle Tall

3D Crystal Rectangle Tall

Our 3D laser glass engraving is a work of art. We meticulously model your photo to make it pop into a life like laser gift that will never wear, tear or fade away. Keep special moments alive forever. When you purchase this 3D etched glass gift and present it to someone you care for, it makes a statement that you’ve gone above and beyond to get them something unique, a gift that is personalized, and a photo gift that they will perpetually cherish every time they lay their eyes on it. Pair it with an illumination base so it glows when on display, as it instantly becomes a conversation piece in the office or home. Authentically modeled and manufactured by the founders and proudly recognized for 3D innovation by the federal government.

*LED Illumination stands are not mandatory but highly recommended as they give life to the crystal. We live by the philosophy “if you’re going to do it, do it right!”

Our promotion will include 1 EXTRA Rectangle LED Keychain with the same image shipped along with your order placed above.

Customize 3D Crystal Rectangle Tall


Our regular price is $45 per Rectangle Keychain and $49 per Heart Keychain

However, if you decide to add this keychain (with the same photo you've uploaded) to your current order - it will cost you only $15 per rectangle keychain and $20 per heart keychain.

90% of our customers take advantage of this fantastic offer. They love to have a mini-version of their crystal right in their pocket wherever they go.​

The keychain also sports an elegant built-in white LED. ​

Below are images of the LED crystal keychains​:


Rectangle Keychain

Heart Keychain

You can purchase a light base for your crystal!


Please note that the available Light Bases list will depend on a size of the crystal.



Rotating Light Base

Rotating Light Base

Wooden Light Base

Wooden Light Base

Square Light Base

Square Light Base


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3D Crystal Rectangle Tall
3D Crystal Rectangle Tall

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Why trust your project to 3Dcrystal.com when shopping 3D Photo
crystal online?

  • All laser companies make 3D. We differentiate because we focus on 3D that is HD quality
  • We post daily price comparisons between us and competitors confirming our price is the most competitive. So if you are searching for laser gifts coupon codes rest assured that our price has already been compared to the competitors.
  • We do not charge extra for 3D modeling. Most other sites restrict the # of people in the photo and force you to purchase larger sizes for images that have more people. On our website you can purchase any size block with any number of people within for the same price.
  • Our crystals have elegant facets, our gift boxes are premium, and our production / delivery times are unmatched (we run over a dozen laser tables enabling well over 500 pieces of output per day.
  • And finally, we put our $ where our mouth is. We purchased crystals from various competitors and prepared an apples-to-apples comparison video for you to witness the difference.