3D Crystal Heart

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Choose 2 items — Save 20% buying identical copy

Choose 2 items — Save 20% buying identical copy

Choose 2 items — Save 20% buying identical copy

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Wide Heart Small 3.2
Wide Heart Small 3.2" x 2.8 x 1.6 / 8x7x4cm



Wide Heart Medium 4
Wide Heart Medium 4" x 3.5 x 2.4 / 10x9x5cm



Wide Heart Large 5
Wide Heart Large 5" x 4.3 x 2.4 / 13x11x5cm



Want to learn more about the 3D Crystal Heart? Look a video about this crystal

When we first launched the 3D laser crystal gifts business, you would have had to dial 411 asking them for a studio that sells “3D photo crystal near me.” You would then go in to get physically scanned by a camera. This made the element of surprise impossible. Today with the software ‘cockpit3D’ anyone can order from 3DCrystal.com using any facebook / digital photo and amaze their loved ones with a 3D laser gift.

Why trust your project to 3Dcrystal.com when shopping 3D Photocrystals online?

  • After 20 years and thrilling customers globally, you can rest assured we will ensure you LOVE your crystal. If you have ANY issue with your order simply email 3d@3dcrystal.com and we will make it right. We have over 80,000 reviews averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars!
  • We offer Free previews before you ever pull out your credit card! Simply send your photo to our live chat and a real artist will work with you (we never use bots or AI chats!)
  • Vivid HD. We create the software called cockpit3D. As such we control point saturation and clarity ensuring the best output from the photo you provided.
  • Our gift boxes are rich, and our production / delivery times are unmatched (we run over 3 dozen laser tables) enabling well over 1200 pieces of output per day.
  • No Photo restrictions. Since we never farm out the work to other artists, we can model any number of people in your photo for any shape of crystal you request without upcharges.
  • Authentic & Original. 3DCrystal.com was pioneered by our founder 20 years ago and we have lead the industry. We are now represented in 6 continents globally. When you purchase from us you are getting an AUTHENTIC piece that you can cherish for eternity from the ORIGINAL manufacturer.
  • We put our $ where our mouth is. We have purchased crystals from various competitors and prepared an apples-to-apples comparison video for you to witness the difference.