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About company

 Thank you for taking the time to browse our website! 3DCrystal.com has been producing 3D photo crystals since 1999. As original manufacturers, we focus strictly on producing the best quality with meticulous attention to every detail in the 3D modeling and laser etching that we do. Commissioned to work on projects for President Obama, Prime Minister Trudeau, Prime Minister Harper, many dignitaries and ‘A’ list celebrities.

You can purchase with confidence knowing that every project we work on is treated as a masterpiece by our skilled 3D artisans and modeling team.


Superior 3D Quality

See the images below. This showcases the difference between a competitors work and ours. Our artists not only design 3D models, they design the software used to create the 3D models. Our work results in superior contrast, the best 'pop' effect, the highest level of clarity and details, and in the end - a beautiful work of art that will last for generations!  


Below are 2 samples: The LEFT side is done by the competitor.  On the RIGHT is how we do it at 3DCrystal.com 

Our commitment to your satisfaction

We intend to literally WOW you with our work. We continuously innovate to produce high definition output that has a significant 'POP' which to date remains unmatched by other online 3D crystal retailers.  With our proprietary software, we offer business opportunities for those seeking to enter the industry as a member of ours and sell 3D photo crystals in their markets.  

...And if these first few points aren't enough to earn your business, here are a few more.


We are the company that worked on President Barack Obama's 3D Crystal, the Canadian Prime Ministers' 3D crystal, and the 3D Crystal for former Tonight Show Host Jay Leno

Yes, that's absolutely true! We were selected as the dignitary gift for presentation to world leaders


3DCrystal.com was recognized by the Federal Government for Innovation. Our work resides in the office of the Canadian Prime Minister in 'Centre Block' on Parliament Hill - Ottawa, Canada.

Winner of the Business Excellence Award

3DCrystal.com was awarded the prestigious Business Excellence award for outstanding innovation and development.

Winner of the Aspire Award

3DCrystal.com was nominated and the Winner of the Aspire award for achieving heights in ingenuity, customer service, and quality of workmanship.

We are excited to work on your project no matter how simple or complex it is. We GUARANTEE you will LOVE the outcome.